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Steps for requesting a personal puja :

Led by Gen Namgyel-la, or groups appointed by Gen Namgyel-la, or performed at monastery / nunnery

  1.   Understand your purpose and choose the kind of puja for you

      Choose the pujas or request Divination*

*Divination/ Observation for special situation  
If you have a special situation and you are not sure which puja would help, you can request divination where Gen Namgyel-la will check for you. Or, if the puja you want to do is not in this list, we can arrange specially for you. For more details, please refer to "Guide on seeking Gen Namgyel-la’s Spiritual Advice".

  2.   Decide on the puja holder and then fill in the form

  3.   Follow the instructions on the form to complete the donation process

  4.   You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, with the date and arrangements for the requested puja.

        The date will be determined based on the urgency and Gen Namgyel-la‘s advice.

  ** Special arrangement for specific date or donations: we will seek Gen Namgyel-la‘s advice for any special situation, e.g. if you are donating a generous donation or if you have financial difficulties. 

Main pujas

Main Pujas

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Pacify sickness  

  • Removing health obstacles, both mental and physical.

Help the deceased 

  • Blessing the deceased, to pray for them to be reborn in Pure Realms and for liberation.

  • Prayers for the dying, for them to have the virtuous mind that could benefit them during the time of death. 


Bring Success

  • Good for business, relationships, family and other worldly or spiritual purposes.

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Long Life

  • Removing health obstacles

  • Pray for long life

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 7.19.43 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 7.19.43 PM.png

Bring Success

  • Good for business, relationships, family and other worldly or spiritual purposes.

Remove obstacles

  • Removing obstacles to mental and physical health.

Bring Success

  • Good for business, relationships, family and enlightened activity

  • Similar to Green Tara, but Cittamani Tara is more powerful

  • During this practice, many mandalas, recitations of 21 Taras and offerings are made, so there is a vast accumulation of merit.

  • Highest tantric yoga. Only initiates can do

Puja Host

Puja Holder(s): ​


 Puja performed by Gen Namgyel-la

  • The puja will be performed by Gen Namgyel-la.

  • We suggest a donation of USD $100  

Group appointed by Gen Namgyel-la 

  • Gen Namgyel-la will appoint his students to host the puja, that could likely be Lillian or the HK Tara group.

  • We suggest an initial donation of USD. $50 for this request. Further donation from other students and participants are welcome.  

Hosted by Monastery or Nunnery in Nepal

  • Gen Namgyel-la will arrange for the puja to be performed by a monastery or nunnery in Nepal.

  • We suggest a donation of USD $170 

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