Why request puja

Once the negative actions have been performed, there are only two ways to finish the karma:

1)    by experiencing the result, or

2)    by purifying the karma.

Making light offerings and requesting puja are the common way in Tibetan Buddhism to purify negative karmas, remove obstacles and accumulate merit. It is said that merit accumulated in relation to the Buddha, the Dharma or the Sangha can ripen very quickly in this lifetime. However, we must remark that one must have the karma to experience the result of the Pujas and light offerings - the situation is one of dependent-arising.

Steps of requesting puja: ​

  1.   Understand your purpose and choose the kind of puja for you

        Find out What is puja or request Divination

  • Divination/ Observation for special situation  
    If you have a special situation and you are not sure which puja would help, you can request divination where Venerable Namgyel will check for you. Or, if the puja you want to do is not in this list, we can arrange specially for you. For more details, please refer to "Guide on seeking Venerable Namgyel’s Spiritual Advice".

  2.   Decide on the types of puja and then fill in the form

  3.   Follow the instruction on the form to finish the donation process

  4.   You will receive a confirmation email in 48 hours, on the date and arrangment of the requested puja.

        The date will be determinded based on the urgency and Venerabl Namgyel‘s advice.

  ** Special arrangement based on Venerable Namgyel’s advice  

  • We will seek Venerable Namgyel‘s advice for any special situation, e.g. if you are donating a generous donation or if you have financial difficulties. 

Types of pujas: ​


Open group practice

  1.   Online group practise

  • The online sangha hosts regualr online group practice for White Tara or Medicine Buddha on auspicious dates in the Buddhist calendar​. Find out more

  • We welcome donations. 

  2.    Group practice appointed by Venerable Namgyel  

  • Venerable Namgyel will appoint his students to host the puja, that could likely be Lillian or the HK Tara group.

  • We suggest an initial donation of USD. $50 for this request. Further donation from other students and participants are welcome.  

Exclusive pujas by request 

  3.   Puja performed by Venerable Namgyel

  • The puja will be performed by Venerable Namgyel.

  • We suggest a donation of USD $100  




 4.   Hosted by Monastery in Nepal

  • The puja will be performed by a monastery in Nepal.

  • We suggest a donation of USD $170 


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