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Guided Meditations

Dharma Meditation App


Led by Venerable Namgyel

This app covers all essential topics including compassion, karma and emptiness. With Venerable’s clear and expert guidance, we can develop our skills of concentration, thought transformation and visualisation….

With thoughtful attention to these inspiring meditations, gain knowledge of the Dharma and develop your mind into compassion and wisdom. Analyse yourself and reflect on others, visualise taking away others’ pain and sending love to all beings, and various other mind-training practices.


Suitable for beginners to more advanced students of Buddhism.


The app is free in a basic version and after a donation you are given the entire catalogue of more extensive teachings and meditations. Offerings are needed to fulfil Venerable's holy wishes.

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Step by Step Meditation Programme:
Tranquility-Special Insight Meditation Programme

The more you understand yourself and the truth of samsara, and the happier your life is, the more freedom you will enjoy.


Meditation uncovers the mysteries by settling down your thoughts, and reveals the jewel within yourself. With inner perfections developed, you’ll no longer be controlled by your thoughts and emotions.

Gen Namgyel-la led regular morning meditations during 2021 and 2022. This guided meditation programme is now available as an online course to help you develop a more peaceful & focused mind, which is essential for your Dharma practice.

You can access the audio recordings of the guided meditations via the links below. (Member only)

Analytical and Single Pointed Meditation Audios

It is recommended to do both analytical meditation and single-pointed meditation as daily Dharma practices.


Analytical meditation brings about inner change through investigation and contemplation. This leads to an understanding of the topics from a personal perspective and ultimately to realisations.


Single pointed meditation trains the mind to hold attention on a chosen object without distraction. This ability is essential for having realisations of the Lam Rim and for engaging effectively in the Vajrayana practices. 

Lam Rim - Preliminary Practices

Daily Shakyamuni Buddha practice - led by Gen Namgyel-la
00:00 / 32:55

Meditation for YOUTH and the young at heart

Led by Sofia

A series of guided meditations to lead us step by step, to go deeper into our inner world...​especially for young people and the young at heart.

1st Guided Medition
00:00 / 13:08
3rd Guided Meditation
00:00 / 15:48
2nd Guided Meditation
00:00 / 13:59
4th Guided Meditation
00:00 / 19:31

$10 and above members only

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