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In 2019, Venerable Namgyel shifted his residence to Australia after over 30 years of travelings and teaching, however, many students indicate their wishes to continue study with Venerable, which is how Online Sangha formed. This platform was established and is maintained by students of Venerable Namgyel, to regard as our Bodhisattva practice of serving.


We aim to provide down to earth, as well as down to heart Buddhadharma teaching & services, to help people reconnect to their inner beauty and pursue ultimate happiness.


Live teaching, meditation audio, certificate course, discussion group, readings.

Regular group practice,when getting together the energy is much more stronger than doing it alone.

 Yoga, inner energy healing course with dharma core values.


Request Puja, light offering, dharma protector wheel and more..


To fundraise and establish a very first eco-dharma retreat centre in Australia that could serve the local and global students. This will also support Venerable Namgyel’s retreat and Online Sangha projects.


A membership system that provides mutual support and benefit.

We are happy to support your life with fruitful dharma activities. Your financial support would benefit more people around the world. In this way, we both gain inconceivable merits to continue our path to enlightenment.

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