Our courses are made for both beginner to intermediate and advanced people. 
If you are confused, our teacher and tutors are ready to answer your questions anytime. Sometimes answering the questions by yourself is even more powerful. 


That's why we put lots of effort into giving various courses and preserving 
the past teachings… so that you can explore and check for yourself……

Wish you a meaningful learning journey!

Teachings on various topics that respond to up-to-date situations. 
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By Venerable Namgyel

Building A Beautiful Foundation (on Sundays)

Introduction to Buddhism, Lamrim 

Certificate Course

Comprehensive teachings on various essential topics, based on the Lam Rim, a major Tibetan Buddhist text (English name: Stages on the Path to Enlightenment). 

The course provides teaching videos, meditation, and written materials, exact details please refer to each course.


By Venerable Namgyel 


Online Group Practice

Group practice power is 100 times more than practice alone. Regular White Tara Practice,

Medicine Buddha Practice and more..

White Tara

8th of each month (Tibetan Calendar)

Medicine Buddha

Full Moon, 15th of each month (Tibetan Calendar)

Healing Practice

Physical & mental healing sessions that is suitable for all levels

Charge your body with healing energy

By Nicole, Jennifer, Sofia, Szeman

Inner Energy Healing

Yoga & Stretching

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