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Guru Sangha Health Fund

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Why we have Guru Sangha Health Fund?

Our ancient teacher Shakyamuni Buddha said that ordained sangha are extremely precious.  Where there are four monks or nuns the Dharma exists.  Nowadays, it is becoming more difficult for lay people to become ordained, even in Asia.  Family pressure and financial situations can create many obstacles.  Therefore, we are fortunate that monasteries and nunneries still exist and provide a full Buddhist education.


Our precious Guru and the monks and nuns we are connected with in the monastery and nunnery in Nepal are not always able to access necessary medical help.  We are launching the VNOS Sangha Health Fund so they can all live long, happy, healthy lives; so Gen Namgyel-la can continue expertly teaching and guiding others, and the Sangha in Nepal can continue to develop on their paths and support others on theirs.

What will Guru Sangha Health Fund do?

  • Provide medical help and support to Gen Namgyel-la and the monastery and nunnery in Nepal

  • Sponsor pujas in monastery every month for purification and accumulation on behalf of the benefactors of the Health Fund. 

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Monthly Pujas

  • Medicine Buddha—at the monastery in Pokhara, Nepal

  • Three long life deities: White Tara, Amitayus and Namgyelma—at Guru Kyap Rinpoche’s centre in Dhasa, India.  

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Step 2 - Payment

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