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Rejoice for our Guru Sangha Health Fund offerings - Monthly Pujas

We are now regularly sponsoring two pujas every month for purification and accumulation on behalf of the benefactors of the Health Fund. 

The pujas are Medicine Buddha—at the monastery in Pokhara, Nepal— and three long life deities: White Tara, Amitayus and Namgyelma—at Guru Kyap Rinpoche’s centre in Dhasa, India.  

Gen Namgyel-la has particularly chosen these pujas to bring about our strong connection to these Buddhas. They are very powerful for healing, for removing health obstacles, both mental and physical. Medicine Buddha also blesses the deceased, helps them to be reborn in Pure Realms and attain liberation. The three long life deities are beneficial for anyone who is praying for long life, including the removal of life obstacles and success in virtuous activities.

By donating to Guru Sangha Health Fund, sponsoring these two pujas is in addition to the pujas we sponsor on special powerful days of the year from the Merit Fund. 

With the Health Fund we are also supporting the nunnery in Nepal, all the ordained sangha and VNOS to continue their Dharma activities, as this Fund was established to provide medical help and support to Gen Namgyel-la and the monastery and nunnery in Nepal when needed. 

Every time a benefactor offers to the Health Fund their merit of protecting the health of others increases—particularly so in relation to the Guru and Sangha—especially when given on a Powerful Day, which includes the new and full moon days every month. Karmically, protecting the health of others leads to one’s own future health being protected.

I want to make offering:

Guru Sangha Health Fund

Venerable Namgyel Online Sangha

~ May you be happy 

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