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 【Building A Beautiful Foundation】
- An Introduction to Buddhism, Lam Rim
Taught by Gen Namgyel-la

 *Zoom Live Online Course* 

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Introduction to The Stages on the Path to Enlightenment (Tibetan: Lam Rim), a Tibetan Buddhist text that systematically presents all the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. This profound text guides us in understanding and realising the essence of the Buddhist path. 


The course, taught by Gen Namgyel-la from 2020 to 2022, provided a comprehensive overview of the fundamental philosophy and psychology of the Buddhist path. Genla has a unique way of explaining complex concepts, making them accessible for us to easily understand and apply in our daily lives. If you wish to revisit the teachings of the past, we recommend joining our Online Lam Rim Group Study Programme.


This year, 2024 the year of the dragon,  Gen Namgyel-la will continue offering teachings on Lam Rim, focusing on three key topics: Guru, Lower Realms, and the Six Perfections. The assimilation of Dharma requires reflection; upon completing each topic, a Meditation Day, guided by Genla, will allow us to sit together and absorb the teachings through Genla’s voice guidance, incorporating them into our minds.

Who can join?

1. Our members  and  2. Have Dharma background  and  3. Have Lam Rim knowledge (Have at least watched one recorded session from our previous Lam Rim course.) 

What if I am a beginner who wants to learn about Dharma and Lam Rim?

We suggest you visit our previous Lam Rim course from 2020-2022, taught by Gen Namgyel-la.

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| Teaching Schedule |

(B) Meditation Day: 

Guru  |  5th May

Lower Realms  |  18th August

Six Perfections  |  27th October


Time: AEST (UTC+10): 17:00 - 20:00

Duration: 3 hours​​

(A) Teaching:

Guru  |  10th March, 7th, 14th, 21st April

Lower Realms  |  2nd, 16th June, 21st July, 4th August

Six Perfections  |  1st, 15th, 29th September, 13th October


Time: AEST (UTC+10): 18:30 - 20:00

Duration: 90 mins

The Teaching will focus on 3 topics, each topic will be covered in four sessions provided over a period of 2 to 3 months, followed by a Meditation Day guided by Genla to help us integrate the teachings. 

*Recordings are provided after the teachings for all registered participants, for their personal use only.

Recording Page (click me)


Suggested Offering (Dana*)

The suggested minimum offering for this one-year Lam Rim study (including twelve live teachings and three guided meditation days) is AUD 180.

As financial conditions should never be an obstacle to studying the Dharma, the following will be available by request:

  • Concession of 50% of the minimum offering for applicants who are currently unemployed. 

  • Scholarship to support monks, nuns and laypeople who have the passion to learn Buddhism but have difficulties to make offering. 

To apply for either of the above, please write to us at and we will get in touch with you to follow up. 

Notice: Concession or Scholarship must be applied for at least 7 days before the course starts.  

*Dana is a Sanskrit and Pali word that means "generosity" in the sense of providing benefit to others and also cultivating a generous attitude oneself. Thank you for your kind offerings to Gen Namgyel-la and VNOS so that we can continue our work to benefit others in so many ways.


  • VNOS / Gen Namgyel-la will assess each application individually, and determine if attendance is viable.


  • Registration must be done at least 2 days before the course starts.

  • You will need the same registered name to sign into Zoom for attending the retreat, this is essential for the host to recognise registered participants.

  • The Payment will be made after your application is approved. Once we receive your donation, you will receive a confirmation within 1 day.

* All of the above is intended to create a quality study environment and provide time for the volunteers to process the registration. This also benefits the student by clearly setting an intention to attend the course. We appreciate your patience and consideration.

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