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Need Help?


You can request Puja for specific
problems, to remove obstacles, for wellbeing and success. If you have a special situation, don’t know what puja is the best… we can help.

Offering light will enable you to accumulate inconceivable merit and will help to remove obstacles in your daily life. Donate from as little as AUD 1 per light and dedicate whatever is for.


On these powerful days, karmic results are considered to be increased many millions of times; good opportunities for us to accumulate merit, purify negativities and pray for wellness and success.

By sponsoring the Merit Fund and Guru Sangha Health Fund your dedications will roll on forever.

Merit Fund will be used for all kinds of pujas, prayers and virtuous activities, and the Guru Sangha Health Fund provide medical help and support to our teacher Gen Namgyel-la and the monastery and nunnery in Nepal. These two funds will sponsor pujas in monastery every month. 


Get a Dharma Protection Wheel for all kinds of epidemics

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