Why Fundraise?

Thank you for your interest in knowing our wishes to serve others, we sincerely need people from around the world to come together and support Venerable Namgyel's Holy wishes. We would like to offer the dharma which is beyond value, and down to earth solutions for use in every day life, and how to transform the world’s problems into positive. 

Support Genla's new settlement, His Three Year Retreat and Online Sangha

Venerable Namgyel is settling in Australia after voluntarily traveling and teaching extensively in many countries around the world for more than thirty years for Lama Zopa Rinpoche.  Because of his health and his feeling to consolidate the teachings in an audiobook, as well as doing a three-year retreat - with breaks to provide Buddhist and healing teachings. 

Your donations will: 

  • Support Genla to do a three-year retreat, taking care of his health as he provides teachings

  • Bring together students from around the world to study, practice and support each other in our development

  • Provide comprehensive Buddhist and healing teachings online

  • Document teachings as a way to preserve Buddhist teachings in these degenerate times

Eco-Dharma Retreat Center in Australia

Venerable Namgyel Wished to establish the "Eco-Dharma Retreat Centre", formerly named 'Repaying the Kindness Centre' in Australia. This project aims to provide both Dharma and worldly solutions to the earth problems. We are facing mental, environmental and spiritual problems... in order to break through these massive problems, a holistic approach that is not only theoretical but practical; not only practical but also spiritual...

Venerable Namgyel has a strong background in practical Buddhist teaching, his students from various background with eco-knowledge and retreat management make it a perfect match to establish the first ever Eco-Dharma Retreat Centre in Australia. 

Project key elements: 

  • Put the dharma and eco-lifestyle into real practice, as a showcase to the world. 

  • Provide a large range of workshops, online teaching and actual courses to educate people according to their level and interests.

  • As the need arises, build small houses and a larger   community house with facilities and space for the care of aged lay and ordained sangha from around the world in need of support.

The people and ideas are ready, we are fundraising for getting the right land with houses in Australia. We welcome all sorts of financial support or investment ideas that could bring benefit to a larger group of people. If you agree with putting others in front of self-happiness, and are ready to serve.

Please kindly join us

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