Certificate Course

Quick Overview of the Certificate Online Course

Comprehensive teachings on various essential topics, based on the Lam Rim, a major Tibetan Buddhist text (English name: Stages on the Path to Enlightenment). 

The course provides teaching videos, meditation, and written materials, exact details please refer to each course. 

Teachings are given directly in English, 
with Subtitles in Chinese - Cantonese,

French, German, Italian and Spanish. 

Teaching audio will be provided for those with low data allowance or weak transmission

You can claim the certificate 
after completing all sessions 
of this course.

#There are $60 USA donation requirements for the certificate application, you can

either donate one time or the total amount of monthly donation in the past six months)


Building A Beautiful Foundation - Making your Dharma practices a strong foundation

Certificate Course

A beautiful foundation is very important, so the house doesn’t sink or fall apart. This course will be the foundation to support our Dharma practices. 

Healing Disturbing Emotions x 37 practices of a bodhisattva Double Certificate Course

In this course we will learn how we can work with our emotions, and learn how to respond and act in the world full of problems in 
a wise and compassionate way. 

Develop Boundless Love 
Certificate Course

Venerable gave an extensive teaching on love, based on Thich Nhat Hanh's book on How to Love and gave commentary. 


How to Meditate - even though you would rather swim in a shark infested ocean Certificate Course

It's always nice to dream about doing meditation, however the reality is that we are swimming in a relentless pounding ocean, infested with sharks and what is worse we kind of enjoy it! 


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