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Tranquility-Special Insight
Meditation Programme 

Gen Namgyel-la’s guidance on the Ten Stages of Meditation

*Suitable for all beginners and experienced practitioners

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“You have to help yourself in order to help others. First work on your own delusions.” - Gen Namgyel-la


We live in a modern world with a constant influx of information. In just one second, our minds can process many things. Have we ever invested time to observe our mind, our thoughts or our breath? Meditation is a good method to settle down your thoughts, and reveals the jewel within yourself. With inner perfection developed, you’ll no longer be controlled by your thoughts and emotions.


Gen Namgyel-la led regular morning meditations during 2021 and 2022. This guided meditation programme is now available as an online course to help you develop a more peaceful & focused mind.

What you can learn from this course:

  • Different techniques of single pointed concentration meditation

  • Increased awareness of your feelings and sensations 

  • Inspired to feel love and compassion for oneself and others

Actual practice:

  • 74 meditation audios, all guided by Gen Namgyel-la.

It is suggested to include this meditation practice in your morning routine, regular practice will help you develop a new habit of being aware of your body and mind.

Try the meditation practice for a week with Gen Namgyel-la :

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Suggested Schedule:

Monday: Start the first recording 

Tuesday & Wednesday: Repeat Monday’s meditation.

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Thursday: Listen to the next recording.

Friday and Saturday: Repeat Thursday’s meditation.

Sunday: Take a holiday or repeat one of the week's meditations, whatever you think is more beneficial.

*The repeat days can be done either with or without the recording; it is the student's preference.

Self-Talk Awareness Diary

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In the evening, write down your observations from the day. Can you apply the practice in your daily life?

  • If yes, pat yourself on the shoulder and say "Good job!"

  • If not, write down the reasons and difficulties.

After a week of practice, observe if there are any differences compared to before you started the meditation practice.

To continue the practice:

Join our membership at any level, starting from $10 USD monthly to unlock the full teaching: 

  • 74 meditation audios on YouTube

  • Audios for download on Drive.

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