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*Members are privileged with many helpful pages here, including access to the VNOS library full of video and audio teachings and guided meditations. Join from as low as $30/month ($10 concession).

How Online Sangha works


We provide live teachings, online group practices, virtual retreats...
For details, please go to Teachings.


Member Zone contains a list of recent teachings for easier review, which is available exclusively to our members. 


Look for all past teachings of Gen Namgyel-la in the Multimedia Library or Youtube Channel 


We provide a wide range of services (including Puja, Light Offerings and Merit Fund) in order to help you and others… for the benefit of all sentient beings.


Join our membership to support Online Sangha's Dharma activities, to benefit yourself and others. Those with financial difficulties may write to us and request special consideration. 

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We offer our extensive gratitude to our spiritual guide, Gen Namgyel-la, for teachings, inspiration and guidance! 
And we sincerely thank all the donors, supporters and the volunteer team, which enable Online Sangha to provide essential Dharma services to people around the world. Without your support, this website would never be published. Thank you all so very much! 

~ May you be happy ~

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