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Make Offering to Merit Fund

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''Just as a drop of water that falls into the great ocean
Will never disappear until the ocean itself runs dry,
Merit totally dedicated to enlightenment
Will never disappear until enlightenment is reached.''

- Buddha Shakyamuni

What's special about Merit Fund?

  • Merits and your dedications will roll on forever.

  • Fund will be used for all kinds of pujas, prayers and virtuous activities.

  • The merit fund works as a backup reserve to support various virtuous activities of VNOS (e.g. prayers, pujas), so as to allow higher flexibility and provide necessary funding in times of urgency. One of the common usages would be to cover the basic cost of a puja, should there be not enough supporting donations. 

How to get involved

  • By sponsoring the merit fund, ​you are welcome to make your special dedications, which will be included in each of VNOS's virtuous activities. If you want to dedicate for any special occasion or specific people later on, you can always come back to make another offering.

Want to sponsor a particular puja & event?  

  • We have specific pujas for Powerful Days and other special occasions. These are precious opportunities for you to accumulate merits, purify negativities and pray for wellness and success. For more details, please visit 'Powerful Days'.

  • If you need a special puja for any specific issues, or if you want to understand what puja could help you, please kindly visit 'Puja'. 

Your continuous offering is vital for sustaining our Dharma activities, which inevitably incur costs. However, we are confident that these will continue in the long term with your kind support.

Step 1 - Fill in Information

Please provide your information in the form below

If you cannot see the form, please go to:

Step 2 - Payment 


Please proceed with the selected payment method to make the offering in order to complete the process.  Related payment procedures, including direct transfer to India Bank, can also be found in the email sent to you after submitting the form above.

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