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The first perfection of the  six paramitas is Generosity. Offering help to dharma activities is a great practice of generosity.

Included in generosity is removing fear from others’ lives.  There are so many beings in this world living with fear of uncertainties.  Your help in dharma teaching brings peace and love to many of them.

French/ German/ Italian Translators

Currently we are looking for French, German and Italian Translators to support our Dharma teaching translations... Not everyone is good at English... It's our wish to provide teaching translations for those interested in Dharma, yet with language barriers. We are largely depending on volunteers' availability to achieve this. 


  • To provide translation in text (video subtitle)

  • To provide translation in audio occasionally 


  • Good command of both English and French or German or Italian

  • Able to work 4-6 hours available per week 

  • Have to good computer with reliable internet

  • Prefer having taken teachings with Venerable Namgyel

  • Prefer having some dharma experience 

Live Streaming Technician

Every week Online Sangha provides at least one live teaching on youtube/ facebook, which is a good way to outreach many people, encourage them to study Dharma. We provide trainings as long as you have time, stable internet and a good computer. 


  • To provide technical support during live teaching

  • Monitor live video in zoom and/or facebook


  • Able to work concentrate 1 -2 hours for Live Streaming, usually weekend PM (UST +10)

  • Good command of English 

  • Have a normal speed computer/laptop

  • Stable network connection

Marketing Manager

We launched a meditation app on Apple and Android AppStore with collection of meditation and teaching recordings by Venerable, with the hope to encourage people incorporating meditation in their daily life.


We are now recruiting a voluntary position of marketing manager to help with promotion of this app and to raise public awareness on Dharma meditations.



  • In charge of marketing for the meditation app

  • Promote the app on different social media platform including AppStore, iTunes

  • Identify insights from data analytics

  • Control and monitor marketing expenses


  • Preferable to have extensive experience of social media

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

  • Creative and quick-minded

  • Preferable to have some Dharma experience

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