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Your Learning Schedule with VNOS in 2022

We excitedly announce that our 2022 new learning journey is going to start in March! In the coming year VNOS will offer many different kinds of Dharma activities for our students, including Dharma Teachings, a Meditation Programme, Regular Online Deities Group Practice sessions, and Pujas on Powerful Days.

Key Activities in 2022

Quick Overview:

Learning journey organised by VNOS

【Regular Dharma Teachings】 【Regular Meditation Programme】 【Virtual Retreats】 【Online Deities Group Practices】 【Powerful Days - Special Advice, Pujas】

Self-learning at your own pace

【Library】 【Meditation App】


Introduction, Dates, Registration:

【Regular Dharma Teachings】

1. Building A Beautiful Foundation – Introduction to Lam Rim (Buddhism)

  • Covers most key topics and their application in daily life.

  • Suitable for beginners to experienced Dharma practitioners

  • Taught by Gen Namgyel-la

First Class of the year: Sunday 6th March 2022 — in a new time slot

2. Master Class - Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology (Lorig)

  • Lorig: Mind and Mental Factors, Buddhist philosophy & psychology theories

  • Advanced Buddhism class.

  • Taught by Geshe Tenzin-la

First Class of the year: Sunday 13th March 2022 — in a new time slot


【Regular Meditation Programme】

Tranquility-Special Insight Meditation Programme

  • Pure 30-minute meditation practice to improve our minds.

  • Meditation uncovers the mysteries by settling down your thoughts, you’ll gradually gain special insights through regular practice.

  • For VNOS members only

Every Thuesday, Thursday, Saturday Led by Gen Namgyel-la live or Gen Namgyel-la's audio recording First session of the year: Tuesday 1st March 2022 Registration needed:


【Virtual Retreat】

Upcoming 2-day Retreats

Wisdom Female Green Tara Virtual Retreat

Dates: 19th - 20th February 2022

Peaceful Living Peaceful Dying Virtual Retreat

Dates: 30th April - 1st May 2022

Compassionate Chenrezig Virtual Retreat

Dates: 2nd - 3rd July 2022


【Online Deities Group Practice】

  • Deity practices on special days, purify negativities, accumulate merits, and go deeper as we practise together.

  • Whole year, non-stop.

1) White Tara Online Group Practice

  • Remove life obstacles and bring success to virtuous activities

  • Every 30th of the Tibetan month (New Moon), a special day for Tara practice.

  • Next Session: Tuesday 1st March

2) Medicine Buddha Online Group Practice

  • Healing, purification, and success

  • Every 8th of the Tibetan month, a special day for Medicine Buddha practice.

  • Next Session: Monday 10th March

3) Guru-Tara Online Puja

  • Accumulate merit and purify negativities - particularly in relation to the guru

  • Every 10th & 25th of the Tibetan month, special days for Guru practice

  • Next Session: Saturday 5th March

4) Green Tara Online Group Practice

  • Remove obstacles, connect with our inner potential for wisdom and compassion

  • Every 15th of Tibetan month (Full Moon), a special day for Tara practice

  • Next Session: Friday 18th March


【Powerful Days - special pujas, advice for personal practice】

On these powerful days, karmic results are considered to be increased many millions of times. They provide good opportunities for us to accumulate merit, purify negativities and pray for wellness and success. VNOS provides practice advice and pujas to help you!

【Next Powerful Day: Losar & Chotrul Duchen (Tibetan New Year) 】

Date: 3rd-18th March 2022 (Tibetan calendar: the 1st to 15th of the first month) Details:


Self-learning on your own pace:


Includes teachings of Gen Namgyel La plus some recordings of others, authorised for inclusion by Genla. Videos, Audios, Prayers, Sadhanas & other Documents. You can practise and study at your own pace.

【Meditation App】

This app covers all essential topics including compassion, karma and emptiness, available for Apple and Android. With Gen Namgyel-la’s clear and expert guidance, we can develop our skills of concentration, thought transformation and visualisation….

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