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Special Announcements: VNOS Teaching Schedule

Venerable Namgyel's Online Sangha has very exciting news for all our students, for both our Dharma study and well-being.



Master Class: Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology,

Lorig: Mind and Mental Factors

From the 15th of August, we will be offering a beginner's philosophy class twice a month until November, then continuing in 2022. Everybody is welcome and the details are on the website:

‘’It is taught by a Lharampa Geshe in English. To be able to participate in a class like this is like finding hen's teeth! A star in the daytime sky. Etc. Rare. Especially for it to be taught in English by such a highly qualified lama. We are always looking to help our students reach enlightenment as quickly as possible, so please, please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.‘’

- Words from Gen Namgyel-la about our new course


Q&A session with Gen Namgyel-la

This Sunday the 8th of August, Gen Namgyel-la will be teaching Lam Rim along with answering Dharma questions. Please kindly submit your questions to us before the class if you have any!

Question submission form:

Due to our new course commencing on the 15th of August, the《Building A Beautiful Foundation》course schedule is adjusted to give our students enough time to study and contemplate the teachings.

For the updated schedule please kindly go to the course webpage: Beautiful Foundation Course | Online Sangha


Three Months Break

There will be NO《Building A Beautiful Foundation》and 《Master Class: Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology 》courses from December till February 2022. We will be offering a special pre-recorded course taught by Gen Namgyel-La on "Loneliness" which will be offered over the break time for those who are interested.

This three months break is for the students to enjoy time with their family and friends over the holidays, but also to review, do homework, read up and prepare for the next term, which will start in March 2022.


Thank you very much, and see you along the path to enlightenment!

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