【Building A Beautiful Foundation】

- An Introduction to Buddhism, Lamrim

Online Participation Certificate Course

If you are interested in Buddhism and don't know how to start, this course is for you! 

When we visit a house………we never walk in, point to the ground and say ''Oh, the foundation is sooo beautiful!''. Yet it is very important, so the house doesn’t sink or fall apart... in order for the house to stand strongly and peacefully under extreme weather (the analogy is to do with our ability to live in the world and not freak out when difficulties happen). 

In the same way,  we need our dharma practice to be there for us as a constant support.  If we want our dharma practices to be useful and fulfilling, a study framework of basic theory, analytical skills and meditation along with a group of like-minded people to support our learning and mental growth, becomes essential.  Many people treat their dharma practice as a hobby - they use it as a last resort, and only do their practices or study infrequently when there are big problems that they don’t know how to deal with.


Course details: 

This course will cover an overview of the fundamental philosophy & psychology of the Buddhist path, what we normally call the Lam Rim. The Lamrim Teachings cover all the main subjects of Buddhist Philosophy and explain how anyone can walk the path to happiness and Enlightenment through overcoming our negative emotions and wrong perceptions, and cultivate positive & altruistic states of mind.  Even for non-Buddhists, there are so many down to earth practical tips on how to live a better life.  

During this course we will cover topics such as:

  • Precious Human Rebirth

  • Death & Impermanence

  • Karma

  • The four noble truths

  • Loving & kindness

  • compassion 

  • Emptiness (Wisdom)  

This course will be the foundation to support our Dharma practices, don’t miss out!

Taught by Venerable Namgyel

Content: Introduction of The Stages on the Path to Enlightenment (Tibetan: Lamrim), which is a Tibetan Buddhist text presenting ALL the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha in a sequence that leads us to the understanding and realisations of the Buddhist path. 

Course Schedule (ENGLISH#)

Every Sunday : 5pm - 6:15pm, details see below

(Time above is in Australia Eastern Standard Time, UTC+10:00) 


Cantonese, Subtitle translation would be provided in youtube videos upon volunteer availability, please refer to setting tutorial. Join us as our translators in other languages. 

Register and join class in zoom, You will receive an email reminder every week and get the certificate after finish the course. 



  • The course will continue after August, as Lam Rim has too much to cover! 

  • In order to maximise the outcome, your commitment to take part throughout the whole course is crucial.

  • If you don't want to join through zoom, you can see the live teaching on our facebook page.

  • This is a free online course, as our offering to the world in this difficult time. We are not asking for any fees for this course. We do have considerable expenses, as well as supporting Venerable Namgyel for his retreat, so if you would like to sponsor this course, you are welcome to give donation

  • The teaching material will be kept here in case you miss the live teaching. After the course finishes, all materials will be available exclusively to our member

Recent Teachings 

Week 17 (14th Feb)

Twelve Links of Dependent Origination

Week 18 (28th Feb)

Four Noble Truths

Previous Teachings 

Week 1 (9th Aug)

Listen to Dharma and see the teacher with the right attitude.

Week 2 (16th Aug)

Qualities of Precious Human Rebirth. 

Week 3 (23rd Aug)


Week 4 (30th Aug)

Death in the Dharma

Week 5 (6th Sept)

Rebirth, Taking Refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

Week 6 (13th Sept)

Qualities of Buddha, Dharma &

Week 7 (20th Sept)

Qualities of Buddha

Week 8 (27th Sept)

Qualities of Dharma & Sangha

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Week 9 (4th Oct)


Week 10 (11th Oct)


Week 11 (18th Oct)


Week 12 (26th Oct) 


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