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Happy Saka Dawa - Month of Merit

Saka Dawa is the most important month in the Tibetan calendar. This month commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha. During Saka Dawa month (20 May - 18 June 2023), all karmic results—good and bad—are considered to be multiplied by millions.


What better time than this holy month to accumulate immense merit? We are so excited to introduce our NEW Light Offering package, to benefit you the most in this auspicious month!

A month-long 24-hour/day Light Offering to Deities

🕯️Illuminate your life during Saka Dawa month🕯️

This offering includes at least 220 lights in a month and can be arranged for yourself, friends, and family who are in need.

Choose from the following deities and experience their unique benefits:

  • Shakyamuni Buddha: success in spiritual practices, developing wisdom and compassion

  • Amitayus Buddha and White Tara: long life and health, eliminate sickness

  • Green Tara: success in activities, clarity and wisdom

Seize this perfect opportunity to accumulate inconceivable merit during Saka Dawa powerful month:

  • Bring positivity and blessings into your life and the lives of your loved ones

  • Give it as a unique and meaningful birthday gift

  • Enhance your spiritual practices and deepen your connection with the deities

  • Experience the benefits of the deities' blessings and positive energy

Make a Powerful Month of Light Offering >>


There are so many virtuous actions we can do to purify the negative karma and accumulate multiplying merits. Gen Namgyel-la has provided a range of advice for you to maximise the benefit of this auspicious time!

Sponsor special pujas in the monastery, nunnery and Tara House

VNOS will support over 400 monks and nuns in Nepal and Gen Namgyel-la in Australia to perform special pujas and practices for peace, success, health and long life for all sentient beings.

  • Special Practices and Pujas: Medicine Buddha puja and rituals; 16 days of 8 Nyung Nye practices (intense practice of fasting, reciting mantras and prostrations); Fire puja; Blessing the Ground ceremony

You can make your dedications and multiply their power at this special time.

Make Offerings to Merit Fund

Merit Fund is to support all kinds of pujas, prayers and virtuous activities. Once you make the offerings, merits and your dedications will roll on forever.

This is an auspicious time to accumulate inconceivable merits.

Light Offering with Gen Namgyel-la

Gen Namgyel-la will perform light offerings with prayers and dedications during this auspicious time. You can make your special dedications, whether it is for worldly matters or spiritual attainments.

Gen Namgyel-la's special advice for Dharma practice

- Recite “Sanghata Sutra” at least once

- Recite "Praise to Shakyamuni Buddha"

- Recite "King of Prayers"

- Light offerings are very beneficial

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