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Virtuous activities during Saka Dawa Month

During the Saka Dawa month of 2024, we gratefully thank our teacher Gen Namgyel-la for arranging a range of virtuous activities for accumulating merits and purification during this merit-multiplying month.

VNOS has sponsored the meritorious activities shown below through the Merit Fund and the Guru Sangha Health Fund, dedicated to all VNOS donors, benefactors, members, and volunteers.


Five days of Medicine Buddha Puja in the Pokhara Monastery:

Fire puja, Chōd puja and Guru puja in Dharamsala:

Also Guru Kyap Rinpoche is going into retreat; the VNOS Merit Fund and Guru Sangha Health Fund have made donations to support Rinpoche on behalf of all the donors.

Light offerings:

Painting the stupa:

Animal liberation:

Offering food to disadvantaged children:

Cleaning works:

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