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🌟THIRD DAY🌟 Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala: 1st to 10th September

Auspicious sand mandala being constructed by Venerable Lama Jampa at the Pokhara Monastery.

The central section has been completed and is explained by Venerable Lama Jampa on the video.

The sand mandala will take ten days to construct, with the monks working up to twelve hours per day. It is a complex work of art which transports our minds into the residence of the Medicine Buddha. Venerable Lama Jampa will share videos with us each day which will be posted on Facebook and the VNOS blog.

Sponsorship: If you feel motivated to support this fantastic endeavour, you can donate, and your name will be read out every day during the project.

All donations will go towards supporting Choeding Rinpoche and the other monks of the Gaden Monastery.

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