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Rejoice! VNOS support an auspicious Stupa Project

We have exciting and auspicious news to share with you!

Benefits of being interconnected with a Stupa

"A Stupa represents all aspects of the Dharma; it is the Dharmakaya, the perfect mind of all fully enlightened beings. Circumambulating stupas, or prostrating and making offerings becomes Dharma. And Dharma is the ultimate cause of happiness. Purifying without hardship and planting the seeds to enlightenment'' Gen Namgyel-la on behalf of VNOS pledged a generous donation in support of building an auspicious Stupa in Australia. The purpose for constructing the stupa is to unify the global Sangha of all Buddhist practitioners worldwide and to strengthen our bonds. It will enable us to establish the Golden Age of Dharma ‘Dzokden’ for the benefit of all beings. Recently the stupa was completed successfully. We are very honoured that VNOS made a contribution to this meaningful project.