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Rejoice: Offerings during Saka Dawa month in Nepal✨

Rejoice! During the highly auspicious month of Saka Dawa (20 May to 18 June 2023) VNOS Merit Fund sponsored many virtuous Dharma activities, to multiply merits for our benefactors and students. Here we would like to inform you about these actions, when we joined together in support of others in their suffering lives and on their spiritual paths.

Sponsoring Special Practices and Pujas in Nepal's Monastery and Nunnery

VNOS provided generous donations to Shang Ganden Monastery in Pokhara, Nepal and Thukje Choe Ling Nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal - for many special pujas and ritual practices, to pray for the world and all sentient beings.

  • 16 days of 8 Nyung Nye practices (intense practice of fasting, reciting mantras and prostrations) at the Nunnery

  • Medicine Buddha Puja

  • Fire puja

  • Blessing the Ground ceremony

Special Offerings of Prayer Flags and Painting the Eyes of the Buddha

These are very beneficial Dharma actions during powerful days. Prayer Flags are printed with auspicious symbols, prayers and mantras, which are carried on the wind to bring happiness, long life and prosperity to every sentient being touched by the breeze.

Liberating Animals

Hundreds of birds and fish were saved and released back to nature after they had received countless mantras and other practices to bless and liberate their mind streams.

Offering to Impoverished and Disabled People, and Cleaning up the Environment.

Thank you to our amazing supporters! Rejoice in all the activities we sponsored together during the Holy Month. Everyone who has at any time donated to the Merit Fund received inconceivable amounts of merit from VNOS sponsoring these holy activities.

May your kindness lead you to enlightenment without delay!

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