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Rejoice for our VNOS Merit Fund offerings - Monthly Pujas

We are now regularly sponsoring two monthly pujas at the nunnery in Nepal for purification and accumulation on behalf of the benefactors of the Merit Fund. The pujas are Green Tara with 21 Praises to Tara and separately Guru Puja.  Gen Namgyel-la has particularly chosen those two pujas to bring about a strong connection to Tara and all her manifestations, requesting her to help with whatever positive projects and dedications we have.  Guru Puja has so many benefits, but perhaps the most important for us would be creating a close connection to the Dharma and its teachers and practitioners.  Sponsoring Guru Puja also purifies the mistakes we have made towards the teacher and/or the Dharma.   Sponsoring these two pujas is in addition to the pujas we sponsor on special days of the year.

By sponsoring the pujas we are also supporting over four hundred nuns to continue their practice.

Every time a benefactor offers to the Merit Fund their merit increases, especially when given on a Powerful Day, which includes the new and full moon days every month.

I want to make offering:

Merit Fund

Venerable Namgyel Online Sangha

~ May you be happy 

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