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Qualities of a disciple

Qualities of a disciple

1.  S/he should be honest.

2.  Unbiased is not sufficient.

3.  Being honest and having good wisdom is not enough.

4.  Respect.

5.  Listen.

Sakya Pandita said:

Though the sun’s rays are very hot,

There will be no fire without a lens;

Likewise the blessings of the Buddhas

Cannot be received without a Guru.  

Benefits of Relying on a Guru:

1.  You will get closer to enlightenment.

2.  You will delight the Buddhas.

3.  You will not be harmed by demons or bad friends.

4.  You will easily cease all delusions and faulty deeds.

5.  Your insights into and realisations of the grounds and paths will increase.

6.  You will not lack a guru in all your future lives.

7.  You wil not fall into lower realms.

8.  You will effortlessly achieve all temporary and ultimate aims.

The Essence of Nectar Graduated Path says:

In brief, by devotion to the guru, for the present

You will be free from unfavourable states and

Attain the higher states of humans and gods.

Ultimately all the suffering of cyclic existence will be ended

And you will achieve the supreme excellent state.

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