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Letters from Students

"I follow the Chenresig Sadhana to do my practice everyday, and then I place my homework of 10 mala of recitation in front of the beings of the six realms in my visualisation. I read and visualise paragraph by paragraph. I find that the effect is very good, I have inner peace. When emotions arise, I remind myself of the teachings from four-arm Chenresig that the practice needs application in daily life, be mindful of my body, speech and mind, and at end of the day, dissolve my body, become light..... dedication and so on. It has healing effect.

Also, the meditation this Friday morning is very healing. At the beginning, my stoma (the medical opening on my body) was bleeding. Genla taught us to send our breathe to the navel , relax and let go. When I finished the meditation, the bleeding stopped and no more pain.

I might not fully understand Genla's English guideline, only comprehending it from my angle, but it helps me a great deal at the end. So grateful to all of you and thank you very much to Genla. 🙏🙏🙏"

- Hong Kong student


"I found the Chenresig retreat really beneficial, it was wonderful💜. I especially loved Genla's teaching on it at the beginning, plus the visualisations were extraordinarily powerful."

- Australian student


Dear Gen Namgyel La,