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Letters from Students

Hi Lillian,

Firstly thank you for your message and asking about my health both of you.

I am feeling a little nauseous and achy but I have meds and beautiful prayers, I am drinking plenty just waiting for the mail to arrive with the herbs that Gen-La has recommended.

I want to say that you are truly precious and our Sangha are wonderful with pure hearts and minds, we are so lucky to have you both as our teachers and guiding lights in a time when so so many are suffering, bless you both.

Much love and hugs, yesterday was beautiful and I felt a feeling of cleansing and pure essence coming from Medicine Buddha it is so emotional, I understand our Dharma is pure our minds and hearts running in unison for all yes it is so beautiful and precious.

-- A student from Seven Medicine Buddha Retreat


"I follow the Chenresig Sadhana to do my practice everyday, and then I place my homework of 10 mala of recitation in front of the beings of the six realms in my visualisation. I read and visualise paragraph by paragraph. I find that the effect is very good, I have inner peace. When emotions arise, I remind myself of the teachings from four-arm Chenresig that the practice needs application in daily life, be mindful of my body, speech and mind, and at end of the day, dissolve my body, become light..... dedication and so on. It has healing effect.

Also, the meditation this Friday morning is very healing. At the beginning, my stoma (the medical opening on my body) was bleeding. Genla taught us to send our breathe to the navel , relax and let go. When I finished the meditation, the bleeding stopped and no more pain.

I might not fully understand Genla's English guideline, only comprehending it from my angle, but it helps me a great deal at the end. So grateful to all of you and thank you very much to Genla. 🙏🙏🙏"

- Hong Kong student


"I found the Chenresig retreat really beneficial, it was wonderful💜. I especially loved Genla's teaching on it at the beginning, plus the visualisations were extraordinarily powerful."

- Australian student


Dear Gen Namgyel La,

Thank you for the Book "An Authentic Guide To Meditation". You are so wonderful not only teaching me the Buddha Wisdom, but also the loving kindness to myself. I read to page 15 la.

This morning, I meditated for 20 minutes focusing on the breathe in and out. Suddenly I felt painful on the abdomen. The small intestine was rushing here and there inside. I noted but chose to continue the breathe in and out action. Then the uncomfortable disappear. It was amazing. Usually I would react and stop whatever and afraid a lot. I said thank you to my organs for their hard work to keep me balance. Wow, I can change the reaction.

Similar to what you taught, sickness, painful are impermanence. The small me is based on the elements. Let go and remove the negatives and emotions. So as to have energy to help sentiment beings.

I am so lucky to meet you at this moment, with the Wi-Fi and Internet and Online Sangha, making everything possible. I treasure every group practice and join as most as I can. (seems no absence)

I like the Tonglen mind to transform the light to those who need. Especially when I was on the railway crowded with passengers or patients in the public hospital.

Thank you again and again for that I have the ability to learn and to practice whatever in my daily life.

With warmest regards and hope you are healthy and wealthy to live longer and teach us more and more.

-- Winnie YIM


Dear Venerable,

I have just finished your wonderful Boundless Love course and I just want to let you know that for me it was truly inspiring. You are an amazing teacher. Your style of explaining things is so lovely and easy to follow. I have already learnt so much from you, and you have a wonderful sense of humour... I laughed out loud many times watching you!! I’ve also been watching some of your other teaching and I am so happy I came across your site, just what I needed in this current time of stress and uncertainty. I thank you so much and will continue to listen to your wisdom and insight.

Best Regards,

Anne Coleman


We were so luckly to receive Venerable Namgyel teaching before the Medicine Buddha Puja. 

The Puja went very well, every participant recited the prayer loudly praying for others, which I never see before! 

Special thanks to those sponsored the puja,  also Big Big thank you to all Online Sangha's donors, supporters and volunteers... Because of your supports, we are able to receive the teaching and do puja for you... 

How wonderful to continuous study with Venerable Namgyel..🙏🙏💕

May you be free from suffering and gain enlightenment without delay :) 

May all Venerable Namgyel's wishes be fulfilled :)

Thank you Thank you, Happy Saka Dawa Day 💕💕

-- from Hong Kong students


Through Venerable's teaching I have made progress healing my disturbing emotions. May this small token be of benefit to all sentient beings.

-- From a donor


Thank you Venerable for these teachings, these helped me so much to get my mind on things I want to change and things I wanted to do long time ago.

-- Katrīne Suta-Pranča


Thank you all very much for the last week teaching, it was great for me.

-- B Lanker


Thank you for this course Venerable - may you live long and keep on!

-- Dale Belcher


Thanks Venerable and all the team that makes this possible!

-- Kenna Cordero


I am so grateful, how fortunate I am! How fortunate we are to be able to receive the Dharma teaching, available in this way around the world through the Online Sangha.

Thank you heartily to our precious teacher Venerable Namgyel.

Thank you as well to all who contribute and support.

May you all be happy and full of blessings!

-- Sofia


Sharing on 35 Buddha Practise

Because of my family issues, genla has suggested me to practice 35 Buddha with full prostration. I keep doing it in daily basis for half a year and can already feel the changes of my mind and body.

With the practice, I have strong confidence that my negative actions and karma will be purified. I stop drilling into my past, but morge focus on how to finish my daily practice. I changed my negative energy into a more positive way, as a result, my body and mind become lighter gradually.

By reciting 35 Buddhas name with prostration, I lay down my body on the ground without hesitation. I become more humble. In that 30 minutes of the practice, I didn’t spend time to take care of my body, less self-cherishing. Moreover, when I prostrate, I feel gratitude to genla and thinking I was prostrating for all sentient beings including my enemies. It is a very good practice of bodhicitta! 

Though the practice need some hard works, it is a very good way to transform our negative energy. Thanks genla, without his kind advise, I might still stuck in the past and….can’t imagine, hahaaa.

-- Koan, a student from Hong Kong


"I am following the teachings and I am happy to still have teachings with Venerable.

I am learning much more and trying to practice almost every day as Venerable said and changing more the way to think.

At the beginning I could not follow the module 1 and 2...I started on the module 3 and then I understood the dynamic of the program.

I hope to do module 1 and 2 when the program ends and repeat the program again. 

Now I am doing much better and it is good to have the video because I can see it twice.

The translation is good except when Venerable do the refuge and prayers in Tibetan...then the translator is as in my mind for some days.

But all the program for me, and I hope for all students, is helping to train our mind to bodichita and go deeper into healing emotions.

Thanks Venerable for this gift to all of us."

-- A student from Mexico


"Genla's teachings are wonderful and I'm very much enjoying them - so helpful. He really is an amazing teacher."

-- A student from Australia

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