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Letter to a student from Gen Namgyel-la

If we have samsaric minds and we are in a difficult situation, we blame others, we blame the situation, we blame the world - none of which is under our control. The Dharma practitioner puts the blame on one thing. Self-cherishing. The root cause of all suffering is self-cherishing. Where does self-cherishing come from? Self-grasping to the notion of an “I”, which doesn’t exist. We love that "I”. We’re kind to that “I”. We cherish that “I”. So when we’re in a difficult situation, as a Dharma practitioner we need to look for the cause of the suffering. This is the understanding of karma. Where does karma come from? Self-cherishing. Where does self-cherishing come from? Self-grasping. Who is responsible for the suffering that you’re experiencing? Not the world. Not society. Not your family. The answer is you. Therefore there is only one person who can solve your problems. You. I gave you a simple task to help you accumulate good karma as an antidote to your suffering karma. However, you see the antidote, the practices, as an insurmountable task. If it’s too difficult for you to do with a good heart, to bless and benefit others, then just say so. If you are willing to apply antidotes to your negative karma, to change your situation, please let me know. You are always in my thoughts, in my prayers.

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