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✨Happy Losar - Tibetan New Year of Water Hare

Losar & Chotrul Duchen

(Tibetan New Year)

21st February - 7th March 2023

Losar is a very important festival in the Tibetan Calendar, with many traditional and religious ceremonies to start a new year with great power. The Fifteen Days of Miracles, starting with Losar (21st February) and ending with Chotrul Duchen (7th March), are all merit-multiplying days. It marks how Shakyamuni Buddha displayed his miraculous powers, inspiring people to have faith.


VNOS believes the most beneficial way to start the new year is to practise Dharma, so that we can set a good motivation and develop wisdom and compassion to sustain the whole year.

This Weekend - VNOS First Virtual Retreat of 2023!

Important review for Gen Namgyel-la's students of Lam Rim

  • Meaningful weekend

  • Wisdom enrichment

  • Profound and practical

  • Retreat merits will be multiplied by millions during powerful days

Helping you walk the path to happiness and enlightenment through overcoming negative emotions & wrong perceptions and cultivating positive & altruistic states of mind.

We recently completed a 2.5-year-long Lam Rim course, which finished in November 2022. The Lam Rim retreat now provides a great opportunity for previous students to consolidate their Dharma knowledge.

Dates | 25th - 26th February 2023 ​​ (Saturday & Sunday)


During the Fifteen Days of Miracles—21st February to 7th March 2023—all karmic results, good and bad, are considered to be multiplied by millions. Let us take this precious opportunity to perform virtuous actions as much as possible, pray for the world and dedicate for all people who are suffering. Gen Namgyel-la has provided a range of advice for you at this special time!

Gen Namgyel-la's special advice for Dharma practice

- Take the 8 Mahayana Precepts daily

- “Prostrations to the 35 Buddhas” daily

- Clean the house, refresh the altar

- Keep the good heart all day!

- Offer lights daily

- Recite "King of Prayers" daily

Light Offering with Gen Namgyel-la

Gen Namgyel-la will perform light offerings with prayers and dedications during this auspicious time. You can make your special dedications, whether it is for worldly matters or spiritual attainments.

Sponsor special pujas in the monastery, nunnery and Tara House

VNOS will support over 400 monks and nuns in Nepal and Gen Namgyel-la in Australia to perform special pujas and practices for peace, success, health and long life for all sentient beings.

  • Special Practices and Pujas: Wealth; Long life—Namgyalma and success in life and Dharma; Guru Puja; Palden Lhamo and Mahakala protector pujas.

You can make your dedications and multiply their power at this special time.

Make Offerings to Merit Fund

Merit Fund is to support all kinds of pujas, prayers and virtuous activities. Once you make the offerings, merits and your dedications will roll on forever.

This is an auspicious time to accumulate inconceivable merits.

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