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Following the Vajrayana teachings, we do not give up or reject anything:  rather we make use of whatever is there.  We look at our negative emotions and accept them for what they are.  Then we relax in this state of acceptance.  Using the emotion itself, it is transformed or transmuted into the positive, into its true face.  

When, for instance, strong anger or desire arises, a Vajrayana practitioner is not afraid of it.  Instead he or she would follow advice along the following lines:  Have the courage to expose yourself to your emotions.  Do not reject or suppress them, but do not follow them either.  Just look your emotion directly in the eye and then try to relax within the very emotion itself.  There is no confrontation involved.  You don't do anything.  Remaining detached, you are neither carried away by emotion nor do you reject it as something negative.  Then, you can look at your emotions almost casually and be rather amused.

Ringu Tulku.  Daring Steps.  

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