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*Exciting! Auspicious Sand Mandala for Medicine Buddha One Day Retreat on 10th September 2023

Auspicous sand mandala to be constructed by Venerable Lama Jampa from the Pokhara Monastery 1st - 10th September:


Message from Gen Namgyel-la

Dear Friends and Students of VNOS,

I have very exciting news to share with you. On the 10th September 2023 we will have a Medicine Buddha one day retreat. In addition, Venerable Lama Jampa from the Pokhara Monastery has graciously agreed to construct a sand mandala of the Pure Realm associated with the Medicine Buddha. A Sand Mandala is an ancient, sacred Tibetan Buddhist art form, which represents a perfect universe. The geometric patterns and colours represent a map to transform the ordinary human mind into an enlightened mind.

The sand mandala will take ten days to construct, with the monks working up to twelve hours per day. It is a complex work of art which transports our minds into the residence of the Medicine Buddha. The mandala will start construction on the 1st September and the final day will be the 10th September. Venerable Lama Jampa will share videos with us each day which will be posted on Facebook and the VNOS blog.

If you feel motivated to support this fantastic endeavour, you can donate through PayPal (even if you are not a member of PayPal, you only need a credit/debit card) or through HK. Whoever donates towards the mandala will have their names read out every day. All donations will go towards supporting Choeding Rinpoche and the other monks of the Ganden Monastery.

I want to share the enclosed two photos with you of a wonderful experience we had in Mumbai several years ago, constructing a Chenresig Mandala and giving talks on the benefits of love and compassion.

With much love and prayer, Venerable Namgyel

If you feel motivated to support and donate, please click below links for donation:


Virtual Retreat - Sunday 10th September: Preparatory meditation (with Lillian): AEST (UTC+10): 14:30-15:15

Full Practice Sessions with Gen Namgyel-la: AEST (UTC+10): 15:30-17:30 and 19:00-21:00

Use the online time converter to check your local times.

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