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Dharma Response to Coronavirus

Coronavirus has spread rapidly around the world in only a few months. People infected with coronavirus suffer from mild to serious respiratory illness, and thousands with underlying medical problems have died, causing great anxiety, panic and fear all over the world.

How to deal with the crisis from the Buddhist point of view?

Dharma practices to do for the coronavirus

1. Free "Healing Disturbing Emotions" Course

With the news showing cities and even entire countries shutting down, the sight of empty grocery shelves and overflowing emergency rooms, people are getting caught up in fear, anxiety, anger... All negative emotions spike amongst communities as coronavirus spreads. It is very important to keep a healthy mindset during this difficult time. We cannot change the world, but we can transform ourselves within by recognising helpful and unhelpful emotions. In order to offer to the world a Dharma practice in this terrible situation, Venerable Gen Namgyel is providing a free online unique course, "Healing Disturbing Emotions". The 9-week course consists of:

  • professionally recorded videos of the course shot at Kopan Monastery (approximately one hour per week)

  • each week a new 30-minute guided meditation for you to repeat daily, and one live two-hour teaching with Venerable Namgyel per week.

It is a precious and complete guide in healing disturbing emotions, and coping with anxiety and fear of death during the coronavirus outbreak.


2. Reciting Tara Mantra

His Holiness Dalai Lama has advised to recite Tara mantra as much as possible to contain the spread of coronavirus. Tara is a female buddha, enlightened wisdom energy. She liberates us and cuts off fears and dangers of the disturbed and unsubdued mind and its karmic actions.

When you recite Tara mantra, generate bodhicitta (compassion) for those suffering from coronavirus, think that the purpose of your life is to help all sentient beings escape their suffering and bring them peace and happiness, especially the peerless happiness of full enlightenment.

Tara Mantra:



3. Lifestyle choices

In addition to strictly following the advice of our various health authorities, reducing the consumption of animals is an important Buddhist practice, to undertake as much as you can. It is beneficial if you can eat vegetarian food at least one day per week.

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