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A Meritorious First Half Year of 2022

NEW Compassionate Action Report Released!

"I always think about how to do more to help more sentient beings. And reach out to more people, do more for them.'' - Gen Namgyel-la

With Genla's pure motivation, as always VNOS continuously spreads Dharma by providing a variety of Dharma teachings and resources to help people transform their minds into wisdom and compassion.

In the past half year, VNOS reached out further and provided more help with many merit-making projects and virtuous activities.

Newly Established Merit Fund

Drops into the Ocean of Merit

Merit Fund started from January 2022 to support all kinds of pujas, prayers, practices and virtuous activities.

From January to June, more than 100 pujas, practices, prayers and virtuous activities were undertaken in the name of all Merit Fund donors.

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