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Online Course Certificate Application


Your certificate will function as an inspiration to keep you going with your Dharma practice when it's difficult. It's a physical reminder of your effort, something to rejoice about every time you look at it!

We offer all certificate courses free for all Online Sangha’s members. If you would like to apply for a certificate for your portfolio or as an auspicious souvenir of your spiritual journey... the certificate is available in both digital and hard copy formats. You are welcome to apply for a certificate from us!  

Who can apply

Anyone who finishes the compulsory parts of the specific course. 

We work on a trust basis, meaning we process the certificate application based on the information you provide. 

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Healing Disturbing Emotions & 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva

Total Nine Weeks

  • Teaching Videos (Compulsory)

  • Meditation Audio (Optional)

  • Written Materials (Compulsory)

  • Live Teaching Video / Audios (Compulsory)

Develop Boundless Love

Total Eight Weeks

  • Teaching Videos (Compulsory)

  • Meditation Audio (Compulsory)

How To Meditate

Total Eight Weeks

  • Teaching Videos (Compulsory)

  • Meditation Audio (Compulsory)

Certificate fee

There is a suggested donation amount of $60 USD as administration fee and we offer a special discount for:

1) Online Sangha’s members (monthly donation) , and 2) those who gave donation(s) within 30 days. 


1) Special Discount for Online Sangha’s members

for Individual Practitioner Member Package ($10 USD monthly donation) 

Enjoy $10 USD reduction

for Generous Practitioner Member Package ($20 monthly donation) 

Enjoy $20USD reduction 


for Dharma Preserver Member Package ($30 monthly donation) 

 Enjoy $30USD reduction 

for Golden Wheel Turner ($50 USD monthly donation) // Vajra Supporter ($80 USD monthly donation) // Wish Fulfilling Jewel ($100 USD  monthly donation)

Enjoy $60 reduction = FREE

2) Those who gave a donation in the past 30 days

If you donated 30 days prior to your certificate application date, can also provide for a reduction of the equal donation amount. (Excluding donations for light offerings, puja, activities fee) 

Apply your certificate now:

1. Make sure you finished the course.

2. Fill in this application form

3. We will verify your application and arrange the certificate for you; please keep an eye on your mail box.

Digital or hard copy certificate:

The certificate is available in both digital and hard copy formats.

If you apply for the hard copy, there is a postage fee involved. 

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