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Online Lam Rim Group Study Programme 
"The Stages on the Path to Enlightenment")

- A Step-by-Step Guide to Happiness

The course has been suspended for the year of 2024 while Gen Namgyel-la returns to live teachings:

2024 Lam Rim Live Teaching


The complete previous Lam Rim course teachings

(for members only).

"My first introduction to Buddhism came through the lam rim. It was a one month intensive from very early until sometimes 3am! At the end of the retreat, there was a two week meditation intensive. After that, I asked my teacher, what should I do now? (In my head I had finished with lam rim and it was time to move on!) My teacher replied: 'study lam rim'.


I completed a one year retreat on lam rim and then asked my teacher, what should I do now? He replied: 'study lam rim'.  


In order to gain a deeper understanding of Dharma, to understand how to put the Dharma into practice and how to actualise Enlightenment, we need lam rim. Lam rim means 'stages of the path to enlightenment'. It is a skilful way of presenting the 84,000 teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha."


- Gen Namgyel-la

Lam Rim Group Study Programme


This course will replay a two-and-a-half year teaching on the Lam Rim (Stages on the Path to Enlightenment) by Gen Namgyel-la.


It covers many aspects of the philosophy & psychology of the Buddhist path, in profound depth yet with practical application emphasised throughout. This course explains how anyone can walk the path to true happiness and, ultimately, enlightenment by overcoming negative emotions and wrong perceptions, and cultivating positive and altruistic states of mind.

How Online Group Study works? 

  • We will upload one teaching session every two weeks, starting from 6th March 2023, each one about 1.5 to 2 hours in length, some including guided meditation & written material.

  • Students can study throughout the two week period, share their questions and what they've learned, and also discuss with each other.

Benefits of studying together: 

  • A stable pre-arranged schedule that keeps your study in progress.

  • A chance to personally reflect, meditate and discuss after each session, deepen your study and clarify doubts. 

  • Gain support from senior students; they will be available to answer questions through the online "Forum."

  • Receive teachings from Gen Namgyel-la that are relevant to your study, your life. 


Who can join: 

  • Beginners who want to learn about Dharma.

  • More advanced students who want to develop their understanding. 

  • Everyone who wishes to join.

  • You can join the course anytime, even once it has already started. If you want to review previous teachings, you can find the complete Lam Rim course here (for members only).

  • This programme is mainly for studying. If you want to learn meditation or find meditation difficult, don’t worry, we have a series of simple concentration meditations from Gen Namgyel-la to help you. Please go here (for members only). 


The teachings are free to all. If you are happy with these teachings, you can donate, become a member to support our works and Gen Namgyel-la's long retreat.


*Reading the comments and questions on the forum doesn't require membership, but to make a post on the forum does - as a way to ensure the forum is not misused. 

Recommended Lam Rim book list : PDF download

Get Started! 

Step one: Study the material

Daily homework (optional) : 

Main Teaching (compulsory): 

Teaching Video Twenty Four 
Available date: 22nd February - 4thMarch
Topic : Bodhicitta Part 2
Duration: 75mins

Teaching Video Twenty Seven
Available date: 27th February - 18 March
Topic : Bodhicitta Part 3
Duration: 75mins

Step two: Click the 'Done!' button below, to report that you have completed this session.

<< Click 'Done' bottom, let everyone rejoice for you. =)

Step three (Optional) :  Share your learning with others or ask/comment on questions in the forum below, so it won't only benefit you, but many other students. 

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