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"Beings that abide in the formless realm do so in a blissful state of existence for thousands of millions of years. However, in the meantime in the human realm, Buddhism could have disappeared and upon eventual return, the opportunity will have passed to experience the teachings, to achieve liberation from samsara. Additionally, because in the formless realms the blissful experience is so deep, beings that reside there believe they are liberated when they are actually deluded with wrong view. Ultimately all positive karma is used up just in order to be happy, with a strong likelihood of developing deeply ingrained wrong views, a false belief in being liberated, and therefore proceeding on to the hell realms. As a result, it would be a mistake to go to the god realms, we would remain in samsara with unhappiness following on from the bliss experienced. Instead, why not pray to return to the human realms to continue what we have been doing in benefiting sentient beings?”

- Gen Namgyel-La, "Building a Beautiful Foundation - And introduction to Buddhism, Lam Rim". (This quote is from the live teaching of 13th October 2020, topic: Karma.)

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