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- Merits will be accumulated until the last puja VNOS could offer.. 

- Support all kinds of pujas, prayers, virtue activities in no time.. 

The Online Sangha has started a merit fund this year. The merit fund will work as a backup reserve to support various Dharma activities and VNOS initiatives. For instance, if there is not enough funding to cover the basic cost for all virtuous activities (prayers, pujas, etc), the merit fund will come to help.

​You are welcome to request special dedications by sponsoring the merit fund. The dedications will roll on and includes in every activities and pujas. However you can come back anytime to make another offering to dedicate for special occasion or persons.

Apart from Merit Fund, if you would like to sponsor particular puja(s) & event(s): 

1. In parallel, we have specific puja(s) on the powerful days and special ocassion. These days provide good opportunities for us to accumulate merits, purify negativities and pray for wellness and success. For more details, please visit 'Powerful Days'.

2. If you need a special pujas for specific issues, or to understand what puja could help you, please kindly visit 'Puja'. 

Every activity has expenses, continuous offering would be vital for sustaining the merit fund. (call for donation)

Step 1 - Fill in information

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Step 2 - Payment 

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