Hey June!

All you need is Love

From the beginning of 2020, we have had to experience many difficulties and challenges. Now we are already half way through the year, it is June and still we face tough times and many issues. Many people could be accumulating a lot of psychic rubbish, focusing on the past, the good times, and the future, but not wanting to focus on the present, which is the only time we can actually change...


Venerable discussed this with the Online Sangha volunteers and we decided to respond in the only way we know how....to offer you resources that will help you and your family to be happy and to improve, day by day.

You may know that Venerable grew up in Liverpool in the Beatles era - posters on the wall and buying 45rpm records! His favourite song was All You Need is Love. Venerable loves the Beatles and we love you. It motivates us to launch our "Loving June Programme". We want you to be happy, so....

In order to heal we must work with various aspects of the human dimension: physical, emotional, mental and energy. On top of all those dimensions, all we need is LOVE!

Therefore, we are offering you a series of amazing healing sessions, no matter which level you are, whatever problems you have - physical, mental, spiritual or energy, we are here for you.

You will definitely find something that fits you, if not all of them! 

In June we are going to offer:


It is Online Sangha's wish that we can walk together down the Bodhisattva Path with joy and positive energy. Please join us and more than that, please tell your friends about us, we would LOVE to have them join us!


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Love Events Overview


Grand Opening!

5th June


Beginner & Intermediate level

  • Physical, emotional, mental
    and energy

Benefit of Medicine Buddha Teaching & Puja

Venerable Namgyel & Tara Group

5th June Saka Dawa, merit multiplying day

 Facebook live teaching on Medicine Buddha and its benefit. Recording: 



Every Friday


Beginner & Intermediate level

  • Physical, emotional, mental
    and energy

Led by Jennifer

Yoga Stretching Teaching

Tailor made 30 mins yoga stretching teaching that could help relax our body & mind to help us to go deeper into meditation. 

Video uploaded every Friday : 5th, 12rd, 19th, 26th, June


( Join a yoga retreat/workshop with Jen - email jennifermcoyne@gmail.com)


Energy Healing

Every Saturday

images (1).jfif

Beginner & Intermediate level

  • Physical, emotional, mental
    and energy

Beginners Inner Energy Healing

Led by Szeman

Guide meditation, that helps to connect to our energy field, release energy blockages caused by negative emotions.. and to recharge... enhance our awareness of inner body.  


Video uploaded every Saturday 

6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, June

For Reiki courses with Venerable (in Toowoomba, Australia) & Szeman (in Hong Kong), please email to Venerableonlinesangha@gmail.com.

For Reiki courses with Sofia in Noosa, Australia, please email to sofia.therapies@gmail.com

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Love Love Love

Every Sunday


Developing Boundless Love Online Certificate Course

Venerable Namgyel

Venerable will give an extensive teaching on love, based on Thich Nhat Hanh's book on How to Love and give commentary. 

Every Sunday: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th June. 

Date: 7th, 14th, 21th, 28th June

Teaching video recording & guided meditation audio will be uploaded here a couple of hours after the live teaching.

Cantonese, French, German, Spanish, Italian subtitles are uploaded a week after the live teaching. 

If you would like to receive a certificate after finishing this course, please register here .

Written Material: The Sutra of Maitreya Bodhisattva 

Video will be uploaded here as soon as it is ready.

Beginner & Intermediate level

  • Emotional and energy

Guide Meditation 1 - Equanimity
00:00 / 25:56
Guide Meditation 3 - Gratitude
00:00 / 26:24
Guided Meditation 2 - Rejoicing
00:00 / 25:36
Guided Meditation 4 - Emptiness
00:00 / 24:52

<< Click to listen to meditation in other languages

<< Translation will be uploaded once it is ready


Long life

Every Mon & Wed

White Tara Practice on zoom

Led by Lillian

To pray and utilise White Tara’s energy to remove one’s own sickness or the sickness of others.  Including the removal of life obstacles and success in virtuous activities. 

1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 22th, 24th, 29th, June:

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Schedule above is in Brisbane time, convert to your time: timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Please note, this is a newly developed sadhana especially for this group practice. You will also need the TTLC prayer book.  You will receive the download link after registered.

Please register below:

Beginner & Intermediate level

  • Physical, emotional, mental
    and energy

White Tara practice audio recording
00:00 / 53:59
Registration form for White Tara Group Practice

Meditation for Youth

Every Thurs

Meditation for the Young at Heart

Led by Sofia

A series of guided meditations to lead us step by step, to go into our inner world...​especially for young people and the young at heart.

Meditation Audio uploaded every Thursday: 4th, 11st, 18th 25th, June

No experience required, welcome everyone to listen to the audio, and do the meditation daily for a week. 

Audio will be uploaded here once its ready :

Butterflies in your stomach1st Guide Meditation
00:00 / 13:08
Here and now2nd Guide Meditation
00:00 / 13:59

Beginner & Intermediate level

  • Emotional and energy

Always Friends3rd Guide Meditation
00:00 / 15:48
Words from the heart 4th Guide Meditation
00:00 / 19:31

Healing Buddha

Every Tuesday

Homemade 德國酸菜 (4).jpg

Medicine Buddha Practice on zoom

Led by Sofia & Szeman

To help purify those who have sickness and already died. It is also very powerful in bringing about success, both temporary and ultimate. 

9th, 16th June: 8:00-9:00pm, Healing Buddha Practice (easier version) with the four Dakinis

23rd & 30th June : 8:00-9:30pm, Medicine Buddha

Full Practice


Schedule above is in Brisbane time, convert to your time: timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html 

Please note, these are two different sadhana for 2 versions of practice. You will also need the TTLC prayer book.  You will receive the download link after registered.

Medicine Buddha practice audio recording
00:00 / 54:23

Please register below:

Beginner & Intermediate level

  • Physical, emotional, mental
    and energy

Registration for Medicine Buddha Group Practice

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