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Quick Overview of the Healing Disturbing Emotions Course:

1.  Comprehensive teachings on healing disturbing emotions, based on the Lam Rim, a major Tibetan Buddhist text (English name: Stages on the Path to Enlightenment).

2.  Teachings are given directly in English; online mode. Video teachings will be available in audio only, for those with low data allowance or weak transmission.

3.  Your commitment: participants are required to attend the entire nine-week course, approximately 6 hours per week; total about 54 hours.

4.  Three key learning components: a) watch (or listen to) one hour of Healing Disturbing Emotions video (or audio) recording every week; b) meditate with a 30-minute guided audio meditation for six days (new one provided each week); c) attend two-hour live teaching on Sundays (and one Saturday) or access the video or audio recording of the live teaching.

5.  As our offering to the world in this difficult time, we are not asking for any fees for this course. You are welcome to become a member to support our Dharma activities:

6. Those who complete all sessions of this course will get a certificate.  

Teaching Format

Classes will be held online. All teachings will be imparted in the English language. The course format is designed for us all to participate together, at about the same pace.

The teaching sessions will follow this general schedule:

1) Every Tuesday the current week’s one-hour video teaching and 30-minute guided meditation will be made available (including audio only version of the video). Each participant is requested to meditate once each day with the guided meditation and watch (or listen to) the video teaching at least one time before the Sunday live teaching.


2) Every Sunday (except for one weekend, when it will be Saturday): two-hour live teaching. For those who absolutely can’t attend the live teaching, it will be available in both video and audio formats. 


* We encourage participants to follow the course on schedule, to watch or listen to the recordings and material before the next module.  


Question and answer sessions will be held towards the end of each live teaching class, if time permits.

Both audio and video recordings will be made available for each class. Each participant who has completed the registration process for this course will get access to the online course resource page for the recordings, teaching calendar, course material and handouts for the course.


The duration of the Healing Disturbing Emotions Course will be approximately 9 weeks, running from 31st March – 31st May.


Who can apply:

Anyone with a sincere desire to learn and heal their disturbing emotions are welcome to apply.The most important part is the willingness to make the commitment. Our teacher and team make the commitment to offer the course, because we think this is the best thing to offer in this time of fear throughout the world. In order to have the maximum outcome, the participants need to make the effort of attending the whole course.


Course fee:

No fixed fees, as our offering to the world in this difficult time. If you want to sponsor this course, you are welcome to give a one-time or monthly donation at 


The last enrollment date is closed. Miss the enrolment deadline? 

You can still participate by going to our website:  . 


We will make a live teaching reminder here. Please stay tuned! The complete video & audio recordings are available to members of the Online Sangha on the Recent Teaching page. After 3 months, it will move to the public teaching library.

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