Healing Disturbing Emotions 

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Join our most famous retreat program, it is beneficial for old and new students.

In this retreat , you will learn and develop:

✓ an understanding of emotions

✓ methods to heal our emotions

✓ how to decrease harmful and disturbing emotions

✓ how to increase peace and happiness 

✓ the "37 practices of a Bodhisattva" 

Taught by Venerable Namgyel

Venerable combines authentic teachings with western psychology.  His humour and laugh will make your day!

Course Arrangement

Registration Period:  Anytime from 29-Nov 2020 to 31-Jan 2021

Student group discussion sessions need to register separately here

Extra Guided meditations by Venerable Namgyel:  Download the meditation app here.

How to Join:

Step 1:  Pick a retreat package

Step 2:  Register 

Step 3:  You will receive auto emails with course materials after the registration

Step 4:  You can make a donation to support our work

Step 5:  After course completion, You can apply for a certificate

Retreat Package One - Lite Version

Three Days

Gain insight into the essence of healing disturbing emotions, and see positive changes gradually happen in and around you.  

Time commitment

6.5 hours each day for a total of three full days; 


divide the study into several days/weeks

Suggested 3-Day Curriculum :

Suggested Daily Schedule :

Course fee: By donation

Retreat Package Two - Medium Version

Three Weeks

Build up positive habits, know how to skilfully transform negative emotions and allow positive ones to grow inside you. 

Time commitment: 2 hours each day for a total of 3 weeks

Suggested 3-Week Curriculum :

Suggested Weekly Schedule :

Course fee: By donation

Retreat Package Three - Full Version

Nine Weeks

Experience positive mind transformation and apply Dharma in daily life.  

Time Commitment:  1-2 hours each day for a total of 9 weeks. 

With weekly email reminder for course materials.

Suggested 9-Week Curriculum :

Suggested Weekly Schedule :

Course fee: By donation

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