What is Puja

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A puja is a group practice with prayers offered to the Buddhas to request their blessings or help. 


In life, we may experience moments of ups and downs. Buddhism holds the belief that what happens in this life is the result of our past actions. From beginning-less time, we have committed virtuous as well as non-virtuous actions. The happiness we experience is the result of past virtuous actions. Conversely, sufferings and obstacles we experience are due to past negative actions. Puja is good for removing obstacle and bringing success.

Why request puja

Once the negative actions have been performed, there are only two ways to finish the karma:

1)    by experiencing the result, or

2)    by purifying the karma.

Making light offerings and requesting puja are the common way in Tibetan Buddhism to purify negative karmas, remove obstacles and accumulate merit. It is said that merit accumulated in relation to the Buddha, the Dharma or the Sangha can ripen very quickly in this lifetime. However, we must remark that one must have the karma to experience the result of the Pujas and light offerings - the situation is one of dependent-arising.


There are three types of obstacles:

Worldly obstacles -

which affect our daily life, relationships, career etc.


Inner obstacles -

which often manifest as strong emotions or confusion, harming our mental and physical health.


Secret obstacles -

which prevent us from practicing Dharma, and hinder our path to enlightenment. ​

Pujas can be performed for various purposes:

  • To bring success in activities, business, relationships, family and other worldly or spiritual purposes.


  • Removing obstacles on mental and physical health.

  • Blessing the deceased, praying for their liberation and for them to be reborn in Pure Realms.

  • Prayers for the dying to have the virtuous mind that could benefit them during the time of death.  

Puja and the key benefits: ​

Pacify sickness:  Medicine Buddha 

Long Life White Tara 

Help the deceased Medicine Buddha

Bring success in activities:  Cittamani Tara, Red Tara, Lama Choepa Guru Puja, Green Tara, Medicine Buddha


Remove obstacle:  Green Tara, Protector puja (Palden Lhamo)

2. Powerful Days Puja

Online Sangha arranges special pujas on powerful days of the year. These days provide good opportunities for us to accumulate merits, purify negativities and pray for wellness and success. 

You are welcomed to request special dedications by sponsoring the pujas.

Details: https://www.venerable-namgyel-online-sangha.com/powerful-days

3. Online Group Practice Pujas

Group practice is 100 times more powerful than practice alone. We have special puja practice on 8th, 10th, 15th, 25th and 30th of Tibetan Calendar. 


All pujas are opened for everyone to participate online and give names for dedication, donation welcomed. 

Details: https://www.venerable-namgyel-online-sangha.com/group-practice

4. Request Personal Puja 

If you need a special puja for specific issues, you are welcome to contact us to request. 

The pujas could be performed by Gen Namgyel-la; special group appointed by Gen Namgyel-la; Monastery and/or Nunnery in Nepal. 

5. Other Pujas

We will also have irregular pujas for various purpose, please pay close attention to our Activities Calendar and our Facebook.

Listening to Music

Puja Recordings 


It is also very beneficial to listen to puja as it purifies the environment, benefiting one's energy.