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Light Offering 

If you offer light on a regular basis, it will enable you to accumulate inconceivable merit and will help to remove obstacles in your daily life, in terms of both worldly activities and spiritual practices.  Whatever your dedication is for……


The benefits of making light offering:

''By making light offerings, you are able to dispel the darkness of ignorance and achieve wisdom. By offering light, you are never in darkness while you are circling in samsara. There will always be light. And offering light just one time to Buddha creates the karma to have great wealth for many hundreds or thousands of lifetimes.'' - Lama Yeshe

In the Tune of Brahma Sutra Clarifying Karma, it is said that making light offerings brings you ten benefits:

1. You become like a light in the world

2. You achieve (when born human) the clairvoyance of the pure flesh eye.

3. You achieve the devas’ eye.

4. You receive the wisdom of knowing what is virtue and what is non-virtue.

5. You are able to eliminate darkness of ignorance, the concept of inherent existence.

6. You receive the illumination of wisdom; even in samsara you never experience darkness.

7. You receive much wealth and enjoyment.

8. You are reborn in the deva or human realm.

9. You quickly become liberated.

10. You quickly attain enlightenment.

All light offering requests will be handled by Venerable Namgyel @ Tara House, Australia. ​

To request Light Offering, please fill in this form

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